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613 Mobilization Wedge_small
Minneapolis-based OPTP announces it has release a new, compact mobilization web designed for use by manual therapists.
CWC 133 R-net iDevice Module
The R-net multi-module control system made by Curtiss-Wright for rehab-type power chairs is set to expand its functionality with the launch of Bluetooth Module for iDevices, a Bluetooth-based communications module designed to enable wheelchair users to control their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using any of PG Drives Technology’s R-net Input Devices.
Firefly, based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, has rolled out the Playpak, a product for therapeutic use that is designed to be fun and can be used in the home or while traveling. Playpak is contained in a lightweight bag that can be unzipped to reveal a colorful floor mat, rolls, wedges, and supports that stick together in a wide variety of configurations.
Biodex Medical Systems Inc has joined with Concussion Health to create a partnership in which education and balance assessment are used to follow best practices in the management of concussion.
Bluetooth wireless data transfer and and an array of body-worn sensors are part of the high technology engineered into the QTUG, a new mobility and falls risk assessment system that will be marketed via a partnership between Intel-GE Care Innovations and Kinesis Health Technologies.
Many manual therapists find mobilization belts useful for enhancing specificity of techniques, increasing the duration for which techniques are performed, and allowing multidirectional mobilizations. A new series of DVDs available from Minneapolis, Minn-based OPTP titled, Mobilization Belt Techniques for Manual Therapy, aims to teache mobilization techniques for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, as well […]
Today at 10 a.m. (MDST) Craig Hospital will become the first of three of the nation's top rehab facilities to demonstrate the Indego Exoskeleton.
Exploring trajectories in functional recovery for patients who are undergoing rehabilitation post-total knee arthroplasty.
Encouraging patients to “break from comfort” to stay fit and prevent injury can be a challenge in an increasingly sedentary society.
A well-executed integration of Pilates can widen a facility’s reach across the rehab spectrum and boost revenue.
Blending dedication and technology helps bring mobility goals into focus for patients who have sustained stroke or spinal cord injury.
Clinton Industries Inc markets the Heavy Duty Lift and Load Weight Shelf, featuring three adjustable shelves designed to benefit users undergoing work hardening therapy or exercise therapy.
Proper preparation and a few healthy habits can assure recreational athletes are consistently ready for action.
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital has announced it has partnered with Cybex International, a leader in gym and fitness equipment, to provide equipment that can be used with a wide range of injuries or disabling conditions with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.
A variety of fitness-related products can aid in sports injury rehabilitation and help athletes return to play.
In an ever-evolving healthcare industry, rehab professionals must stay competitive with the latest tools and knowledge to address stroke and neurological disorders.
The University of Michigan (U-M) Health System reports that it will be offering patients innovative approaches to care through its new Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Center to meet the anticipated growing need for bone, muscle, joint, and spine care.
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Combining familiar principles with new technology opens the doors to innovative treatment ideas and progress
Mettler Electronics Corp recently introduced its latest continuous passive motion (CPM) device, designed to accommodate a variety of knee CPM patients, including orthopedic, pediatric, and bariatric.
Project Walk Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center recently announced that it will open a new, Las Vegas-based location February 10.