Amputation was thought to be the only solution for a patient affected by extreme pain brought on by peripheral artery disease, until given the option to participate in an investigational stem cell trial at Northwestern Medicine in which patients receive injections of their own stem cells to restore blood flow to the leg.
Physicians who often refer patients to therapists may be wondering how to charge for Medicare services, now that the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula's 21% rate cut ostensibly is in effect. The cut could become null by April 14, however, if the Senate approves a bill to repeal the SGR when it reconvenes April 13.
A composite image showing the multiple sensing capabilities of a prototype medical sensing device developed by GE researchers with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Center for Innovation. Top-Left: Visual RGB Image; bottom-left: 3D Image; top-right: Multi-spectral Imaging and Recovered Feature Map and bottom-right: Thermal Imaging. Each of these provides insights to help assess whether a bed sore may be healing, getting worse or becoming infected. (Image courtesy of GE Global Research.)
A high-tech ally has just entered the battle against pressure sores. The device, developed jointly by the Veterans Affairs Center for Innovation and Niskayuna, NY-based GE Global Research, is a handheld probe that combines motion analysis, thermal profiling, 3D object reconstruction, and vapor detection.
The Mayo Clinic reports that it will replace the three electronic health records (EHR) systems it currently has in place campus-wide with Epic, a single integrated EHR and revenue cycle management system. More than 45,000 Mayo clinic staff members will be trained on the new system, which will replace existing EHRs from GE and Cerner, and Mayo's own self-developed system.
Physical Therapy (PT) has joined Respiratory Therapy (RT) as the second major non-nursing discipline added to Lippincott Procedures, the clinical procedures software used by nurses and other clinicians at the point-of-care.
613 Mobilization Wedge_small
Minneapolis-based OPTP announces it has release a new, compact mobilization web designed for use by manual therapists.
Indanapolis-based EHOB confirmed an agreement that positions the company as sole provider of TIDI Products' TIDIShield Pillow Barrier.
Technology doesn’t sit still for long in the power mobility and standing system arena. An ongoing evolution has brought several key improvements to the user’s experience, and expanded the level of function.
Expenses associated with hospital-acquired pressure sores may be dramatically reduced as a result of a new sensor that patients can wear. Use of the device boosted compliance with hospital turn protocols to 89%, according to one report.
Mobility users looking for lift equipment that will better match their homes now have five new colors of inclined platform lifts available from Lewisbury, Pa-headquartered Butler Mobility Products.
A 1-day seminar is being offered to help raise awareness about specialty products available to help people who are challenged with gait, balance, vision, hearing, and a variety of other deficits.
A reference work that has helped clinicians understand the nuts and bolts of joint mobilization has been updated and includes accompanying video reference assets.
Bolingbrook, Ill-based Advantage Medical recently announced it will add the Richmar LidoFlex Pain Relief patch to its product lineup once the patch launches in the fourth quarter of this year.
CWC 133 R-net iDevice Module
The R-net multi-module control system made by Curtiss-Wright for rehab-type power chairs is set to expand its functionality with the launch of Bluetooth Module for iDevices, a Bluetooth-based communications module designed to enable wheelchair users to control their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using any of PG Drives Technology’s R-net Input Devices.
Firefly, based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, has rolled out the Playpak, a product for therapeutic use that is designed to be fun and can be used in the home or while traveling. Playpak is contained in a lightweight bag that can be unzipped to reveal a colorful floor mat, rolls, wedges, and supports that stick together in a wide variety of configurations.
A new resource titled, "Positive Options for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS): Self-Help and Treatment," is now available that provides the latest in pain advancements that speak to CRPS patients and their caregivers.
Phoenix-based electronic medical record software manufacturer WebPT announces it has acquired WebOutcomes, described as an online outcomes tracking tool that aims to allow physical and occupation therapists to enhance patient care and objectively demonstrate their clinical performance to insurance carriers and referral sources.
Biodex Medical Systems Inc has joined with Concussion Health to create a partnership in which education and balance assessment are used to follow best practices in the management of concussion.
BioElectronics Corporation, Frederick, Md, released updated results of its "Try It and Tell Us" 7-day ActiPatch sample program. The data includes responses from 856 consumers suffering from chronic pain caused by a number of musculoskeletal conditions.
A quadruple amputee and his family are moving into a specially constructed "smart home" that is designed to meet the veterans needs. A ceremony Wednesday welcomed the family and their friends into their new home.