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It seems the only congressional actions that get fast-tracked these days are those that provide for the naming of post offices. Use the Memorial Day holiday to send a message to your Congressional representative asking their support for S. 948/HR 942, the Ensuring Access to Quality Complex Rehabilitation Technology Act.
As therapists who provide care and resources for individuals affected by disabilities, we need to remind ourselves that what happens when we are charged to provide services to a client—regardless of whether many of those services must be delegated to others—will carry consequences that will be ascribed to us. Good or bad.
The Senate seems to have once again left its national sense of priorities in its other purse. How could it find the bandwidth to draft and vote on four treaties that protect fish and people who propagate fish, yet have no time to vote on the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities?
As of 2012 only 17.8% of individuals living in the United States who are affected by a disability were employed. For the able-bodied the employment-population ratio is 63.9% That’s not just a gap. It’s a chasm. And a regrettable one.
The LMN is a force for good, which is why it is critical to write the best LMNs possible. This is also where we must lock out our egos—leave them on the porch—and consult, collaborate, and investigate with whoever we must to create an LMN that gets the job done.
"...allow yourself to recharge so you have the energy to consistently respond as the trusted advisor. Your patients are watching and they are listening. And for better or worse your patients remember."
Did Disney change its policy for disabled guests who wait in long lines because of intolerance from other patrons, or because it thinks it found a better way?
Bringing your good idea to fruition doesn’t require you to be taller, smarter, or better looking. It only requires you to have the courage of your convictions. The Abilities Expo is one example of a good idea that didn't just "happen" by itself.
A good idea doesn’t have to be revolutionary. It doesn't have to be the next automobile cup holder. In our line of work a good idea is simply something actionable that improves someone else's life.
Briana Nash feeds her mother, Charla, who lost her hands in a chimpanzee attack
Is a pair of hands worth $150 million? Would I part with my own two hands for $150 million? Quality of life is about more than mobility devices.
If you want to stand out as a leader, consider that what will make you remarkable to others might not seem remarkable to you.
Empowerment sounds so supportive and healthy, we include it in our mission statements and employee handbooks, yet how often have we felt empowered in the workplace?
The edge of your safety zone is where the fear lives. Creativity and passion also live there.
Do you choose your life, or simply adjust to the changes occurring in the landscape that affect you?
It can result in increased apathy or sharpen our focus.
We are no longer in the industrial age, yet is the average healthcare facility not run like a factory?
When the average clinician is asked whether he or she is culturally sensitive, the likely response is a "Yes." After all, it’s “culturally unacceptable” to consider oneself not competent in the area of cultural sensitivity.
Life is not stagnant; it is ever evolving. You can take part in that evolution or let the status quo reign. If you choose the latter - no more lunchtime complaining for you.
January 20th 2014 our country celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This day we are reminded that we are our brother’s keeper.
We may need to carry the idea of resiliency for our clients and meet them where they are. Not where we want them to be.