LivMD Vibration Plate Can Address Wide Range of Musculoskeletal Symptoms

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Biodex Medical Systems' LivMD Vibration Plate.

Biodex Medical Systems’ LivMD Vibration Plate.

Biodex Medical Systems Inc, headquartered in Shirley, NY,  recently added the LivMD Vibration Plate to its family of Mobility Enhancement physical medicine devices. The device is designed to help improve a variety of conditions, including balance and muscle health, circulation, and posture, as well as reduce pain.

LivMD can be used for stand-alone therapy or as part of a rehabilitation program, acceding to a media release from Biodex Medical Systems. The company also explains that, because it is designed for low intensity, the LivMD may be useful for use among individuals who have brittle bones or problems with balance. Biodex also reports that benefits may be achieved with 10 minutes of daily use.

LivMD is targeted for use among people who wish to remain active, or as an adjunct therapy for supporting musculoskeletal health among the elderly or infirm. The company states that LivMD differs from traditional whole-body vibration that operates with acceleration of 10g because Liv MD’s low-intensity vibration is designed to be a safe biological signal that improves physiological and neuromuscular health by improving muscle control and condition, balance, circulation, and posture. The company also states that LivMD can reduce pain symptoms, which it says contribute to increased mobility and reduced fall risk.

The technology of low-intensity vibration can be useful for those who find it difficult to exercise or for whom certain forms of exercise may be unsafe due to risk of fracture, falls, or joint damage, or for those struggling to incorporate ample exercise to maintain independence, according to the Biodex media release.

[Source: Biodex]