Ultra Low Bed Provides Safe Use and Reduces Work for Care Staff

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150319 practico ultraniedrig

A new generation of nursing care beds was recently unveiled by Nuremberg-based Hermann Bock GmbH at the Altenpflege geriatric care trade fair. The new Bock “ultra low” beds are designed to be set to single-centimetre heights to allow for comfortable sleeping positions, according to a media release from Hermann Bock GmbH.

“We created a new lying surface for the practico ultra low that can be lowered almost to floor level,” says Klaus Bock,  managing director of Hermann Bock GmbH. “In doing so, we have tailored the bed even more strongly to the needs of persons who require care and have made restricting measures in the sleeping position, such as side rails, completely unnecessary.”

Another featured built into the bed is the ability to raise and lower electrically, thus allowing patients easier access and exit to the bed. The bed also is engineered to be raised to positions of up to 80 cm to provide added safety and and reduce the physical work requirement for nursing staff and caregivers. The bed features newly developed aluminum lifting columns in the back and lower leg section, leaving space below for grab rails and lifters.

The company’s release points out that while traditional lie-low beds with sleep positions of approximately 25 cm mean added safety for restless sleepers, even falls from this height may cause injury.

“As a result, nursing staff and caregivers often have to lay out mats at night to reduce the height of falls, especially for the elderly,” Klaus Bock says. “With the practico ultra low, unintentional falls while sleeping are more like rolling out of bed. This floor-level bed makes such safety measures a thing of the past.” The company reports that the new ultra lie-low beds will be available this summer.

[Source: Herman Bock GmbH]