Carex Bed Buddy Offers At-Home Hot and Cold Therapy

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Comfort Pack by Bed Buddy.

Comfort Pack by Bed Buddy.

Dedham, Mass-based company EasierLiving has launched the Carex Bed Buddy line of hot and cold therapy products as part of its strategy to support at-home comfort. The company reportedly developed the Bed Buddy to support consumers who are affected by seasonal aches and pains, chronic illnesses, or are recovering from surgery.

The Carex Bed Buddy Spa products were created to combine hot and cold therapy with aromatherapy as a tool that can help ease stress and soothe tired muscles. The company reports that this product line is made to be affordable and features a mix of luxurious, soft fabrics and flexible packs that adjust for each individual.

“It is important to not only expand our product selection, but find a product line that speaks to a variety of our customers,” says Molly McGuire, consumer product manager.

A media release from EasierLiving notes that the company also offers hot and cold joint relief wraps, heated neck pillows, soothing foot and hand warmers and much more. “EasierLiving’s focus to provide their customers with top-tier comfort products made them the perfect fit to sell Bed Buddy products,” says Bob Heffron, Carex regional account manager. “The Bed Buddy products are versatile and can be used by a wide range of individuals.”

[Source: EasierLiving]