Adjustable Shelf Unit Promotes Lifting and Loading During Work Hardening or Exercise Therapy

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Clinton Industries Inc, headquartered in York, Pa, markets the Heavy Duty Lift and Load Weight Shelf, designed to benefit users undergoing work hardening therapy or exercise therapy. The product features all hardwood, plywood construction and three adjustable shelves with easy lock-into-position stops. Weights can be used and moved from one shelf to another, or put away and taken out again during therapy.

The upper shelf is built to adjust from 55 inches to 59 inches. The middle shelf adjusts from 38 inches to 45 inches, and the lower shelf adjusts from 22 inches to 29 inches. The 1-inch-thick shelves, the company’s website states, are covered with durable, black ABS plastic. All the product’s exposed edges are finished with bumper tee-moulding and the complete unit is assembled with steel fasteners and special triple bolt steel fasteners and special triple bolt steel corner brackets.

The site also notes that the Heavy Duty Lift and Load Weight Shelf must be attached to the wall for safety. The product offers users a maximum weight capacity per shelf of 150 pounds.

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